Tuesday, 27 October 2020

Trick or Treat - Halloween in Yolissa Hair

Halloween is one of the oldest holidays with origins going back thousands of years in western countries. It is celebrated each year on October 31st, the tradition originated with the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain. There are candy and trick-or-treating, pictures of black cats, witches riding broomsticks, skeletons, and jack o’ lanterns, all become a symbol of Halloween.

On the night of October 31st, all the ghosts will come out and return to the earth. During the celebration, the Celts wore costumes and masks, attempted to scare the spirits off. The kids dressed up as monsters and go to their neighbours houses. Knocking on the door they shout: “Trick or treat!” 

Yolissa Hair also prepared special gifts to celebrate this special festival with you. The activity can be divided into two parts this time: Pre-Sale and Official Activity.

1 Item, 5% Off 
2 Items, 7% Off 
3 Items, 10% Off
Over $399, Send $95 U Part Wigs For Free!  
Every Order Sends Two Halloween Headbands 
The 11th Order Every Day Will Get $50 Cash Back!
Time: Oct.23rd - Oct.29th
1 Item, 5% Off 
2 Items, 7% Off 
3 Items, 10% Off
Over $300, Send $10 Super Gift Packs!
First 30 Orders On Nov.1st Enjoy $30 Off!  Code: HW30
Time: Oct.30th - Nov.4th

The Rules of the Lucky Draw: Trick or Treat
There are total 15 candies, each candy corresponds to a prize. We will take a screenshot during the “refreshing”, the winner will be invited into the Live Room. You have a chance to choose one lucky number from 1 to 15. The different number corresponds to a prize, and there are some tricks in the candies. Tricks including some jokes or some funny require, like singing and dancing. If you win the trick, you need to do a performance for the audiences in the live room like the candy required.
All the Prices Including:
1------ Baroque Headband
2------ Baroque Headband
3------ Silk Bonnet
4------ Super Gift Pack 
5------ 3D Eye-lashes
6------ Trick: Post your pic and write: Yolissa Hair has the best hair!
7------ 7% off for All Wig
8------ Baby Hair Brush
9------- $10 Cash Back 
10----- $20 Cash Back 
11----- $30 Cash Back 
12----- Trick : Twerk For Everyone
13----- Trick : Sing Your Favourite Song
14----- Trick : Three Ways To Praise Tina
15------ The Max Prize: 20 Inches Straight Lace Wigs

Hot Products Recommend 
Headband wigs are new in Yolissa Hair, which are with ice silk fabric and velcro at back, but no any of lace on it. It is a beginner-friendly wig, only need to take 2 minutes to install, easy to put and off.
Buy one headband wig we will send an extra free headband as a gift. There are 22 different kinds of headbands let you choose, we will send one as your preference. By the way, if you want over one piece headband, you can please buy them on “BONUS BUY” when checking out. Now at the Halloween pre-sale, we prepared 5 more Halloween headbands for all customers, will send 2 pcs randomly with each order of headband wig.
Combo sale is a special sale style, which means you can buy one get one free wig in the same length, density, capsize, but in different types, textures, colours. Buying one order to get two hair wigs with the factory price, what a great deal!
613 blonde wigs are one of the hottest stars in our hair products. As everyone can be shinning and bright after wearing it. Come and get a shiny new look for your Halloween party.


  1. ammetto che Halloween non lo ho mai festeggiato, ma queste parrucche sono veramente belle e ben fatte, specialmente quelle curly!!!

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  3. Great collections! The head bands look gorgeous!

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  6. Genial algunos productos se ven muy simpƔticos. Te mando un beso

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    Passei para desejar um excelente fim-de-semana!
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