Saturday, 30 May 2020

SS20 men sun hat collection

Even men need and love to wear designer accessories and in the new men's collections for the summer there are also hats. Some will be inspired by the 90s like these by Louis Vuitton.
Marni hats are eclectic, colourful and trendy but above all they are made with recycled materials.
The Fendi man also wears the head of Safari and Jungle Style. It is clearly a tribute to the outdoor life that we are about to take possession of.
Anche gli uomini hanno bisogno e amano indossare accessori di design e nelle nuove collezioni uomo per l'estate ci sono anche i cappelli. Alcuni si ispireranno agli anni '90 come questi di Louis Vuitton. I cappelli di Marni sono eclettici, colorati e alla moda ma soprattutto sono realizzati con materiali riciclati. L'uomo Fendi veste anche la testa di Safari e Jungle Style. E' chiaramente un omaggio alla vita all'aperto di cui ci stiamo per impossessare.


  1. The hats are cool. But in my country, it's not unusual for a man to wear a hat decorated with flowers.

  2. Not quite my thing, but if the men like them....Have a great weekend, Valerie

  3. Un po’ eccessivi, certamente ridicoli. Eh... la moda!

  4. Sometimes the fashion designers are a bit crazy!
    How can a man walk on the street dressed like this ?!
    Anyway ... maybe it's me! LOL

  5. Interesting design hats 😊 thanks for your sharing 😊

  6. They look interesting but just not for me.

  7. So aesthetic, but my fave is that Fendi woven hat, looks more wearable and effortlessly chic compared to others :)


  8. Interesting style for guys!


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