Monday, 25 May 2020

Luxury sandals for summer 2020

We are all experiencing terrible times, but who knows, maybe next summer we will be able to get our life back in hand, certainly it will be different, but at least we will be able to put our heads out of the door. For this reason let us find ourselves ready! This in fact should be the trend regarding women's shoes. They are expensive sandals but you can take inspiration and find similar ones.
These green are in suede goat leather with padded footbed, made in Italy. They have the stiletto heel and ankle straps that can fasten around the leg as is fashionable now.
Valentino sandals in metallic nappa with rope sole and upper. The heel is 3cm.
Kalda sandals are simultaneously classic and modern. They are made of black mesh with leather insole, square toe and sculptural heel. Really beautiful.
Stiamo tutti vivendo tempi terribili ma chissa', forse la prossima estate riusciremo a riprendere la nostra vita in mano, certo sara' diverso ma almeno riusciremo a mettere la testa fuori dall'uscio di casa. Per questo facciamoci trovare pronte! Questa infatti dovrebbe essere la tendenza riguardo le calzature femminili. Spero vi sia di ispirazione. Sono sandali costosi ma potete prendere ispirazione e trovarne di simili. Queste sono in pelle di capra scamosciata verde, con plantare imbottito, fatte in Italia. Hanno il tacco a spillo e cinturini alla caviglia che potrete allacciare intorno alla gamba come va di moda ora. Sandali Valentino in nappa metallizzata e con suola e tomaia in corda. Il tacco e' di 30mm. I sandali di Kalda sono contemporaneamente classici e moderni. Sono fatti in rete nera con soletta in pelle, punta quadrata e tacco scultoreo. Veramente belle.


  1. Green sandals are very beautiful!

  2. The Valentino sandals are my faves, but probably not a price I could Pay! Valerie

  3. the first are Amazing but I'm not good on walk on heels, but second are perfect for me, stilysh and comfty all at once!!!

  4. Second picture loved this 😊 thanks for your sharing 😊

  5. The last ones have funky heels :-D

  6. Those are perfect for the summer!

  7. Great selection! ✔️✔️✔️ Thanks for sharing! 🌈🌈🌈

  8. Some of there ale very weird :D


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