Friday, 10 January 2020

My Good Proposals for the 2020

Is it too late for the list of "Good Proposals" for the 2020?
These are mine:
1- Replace my old kitchen.
2- Take the second citizenship.
3- Apply for a passport. 4- Increase dramatically my Blog followers. 5- Iron less. 6- Lose weight. 7- Travel more. 8- Increase my income.
9- Be happy. 10- Go to sea to swim.
11- Do not enter a hospital.
12- Feel good physically.
What are yours?
È troppo tardi per l'elenco dei "Buoni Propositi" per il 2020?

Questi sono i miei:
1- Sostituire la mia vecchia cucina.
2- Prendere la seconda cittadinanza.
3- Richiedere il passaporto.
4- Aumentare notevolmente i miei follower sul Blog.
5- Stirare di meno.
6- Perdere peso.
7- Viaggiare di più.
8- Aumentare il mio reddito.
9- Essere felice.
10- Andare al mare a nuotare.
11- Non entrare in ospedale.
12- Sentirmi bene fisicamente. Quali sono i tuoi?


  1. Great proposal resolutions, I have the same things to yours, specifically #6, 9, 11, and 12

  2. Nice post :) I follow you on gfc # 1258 , follow back? :))

  3. I agree with you in 6, 7, 9, 12 :)
    I follow u 😊

  4. Great post! :)
    If you want that we follow each other let me know by leaving a comment on my last post -->

  5. Travel more.

  6. Great post, Thanks for sharing, x

  7. Good luck this year!
    I follow you on gfc
    Have a good day 💋

  8. Good proposals. What second citizenship do you want?

  9. i love it
    ty for sharing, best of luck!


  10. Great post! :)
    Thank you for visiting!
    I will follow you!

  11. The best, number 9! Happy New Year!

  12. Happy New Year to you, I wish you all the best in 2020! I love to travel more in the New Year. Thanks for the visit and comment on my blog.

  13. Definitely losing weight and travelling more. By the way, I followed your blog, I hope you can follow me too. Thank you!

  14. Happy new year, I hope you can meet your goals this new year. I wish you many good things.
    I'm following you.

  15. Happy New Year! Great attainable goals. This year I wish to explore more of the region I live in and simply enjoy each day. Thank you for stopping by my blog. I just started following with GFC.

  16. Sono ottime le tue proposte per 2020. Felice anno nuovo!

  17. Great resolutions! A new kitchen sounds so exciting. Hope you are able to tick them off xx

  18. Those are all great! I will help you with followers, cos I am following you now:)

  19. These are wonderful resolutions and I wish you so much success with them! I have several that I am working on as well.
    the creation of beauty is art.

  20. I really like your blog! Happy New Year! ;)
    You ask me about follow. I follow you. Now your turn ;)

  21. Lovely tips you show us, I will follow you, you follow me too?

  22. Look maravilhosos,lindos!!! Bjo


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