Wednesday, 22 January 2020

2020 Fashion trends: babydoll

The idea of the baby doll as you know was born from the need to wear something comfortable and without seams at the waist or under the breast, in order to be able to sleep comfortably. Today, however, these very short shirts, in silk, synthetic fibers or semi-transparent fabrics, are back in fashion but above all they are a good alternative to cocktail dresses.

Above you can admire two examples of very elegant black and white. Of course these short dresses, very nice and light, are not easy to wear because you can risk looking like little girls! However, if you want, with the simple addition of black trousers underneath, you can also wear them at work, giving a lively touch to the day.
I find these ultra-feminine clothes, you can feel comfortable wearing them with a pair of sneakers or with a scarf around your neck. It is also fun to combine them with cowboy boots. These are four examples of how they will come back in fashion from next spring, so be ready!
L'idea del baby-doll come sapete è nata dall'esigenza di indossare qualcosa di comodo e senza cuciture in vita o sotto il seno, per poter dormire comode. Oggi pero', queste camiciole molto corte, in seta, fibre sintetiche o tessuti semi trasparenti, sono tornate di moda ma soprattutto sono una buona alternativa ai vestiti da cocktail. Qua sopra potete ammirare due esempi di nero e bianco molto eleganti. Certo questi abitini corti, molto simpatici e leggeri, non sono facili da indossare perche' si puo' rischiare di sembrare delle bimbe! Pero' volendo, con la semplice aggiunta di un pantalone nero sotto, si puo' indossarli anche al lavoro, dando un tocco vivace alla giornata. Io trovo questi abiti ultra-femminili, ci si puo' sentire a proprio agio indossandoli con un paio di scarpe da ginnastica o con una sciarpa intorno al collo. E' divertente anche abbinali a stivali da cowboy. Questi sono quattro esempi di come torneranno di moda dalla prossima primavera, quindi fatevi trovare pronte!


  1. The white dress is gorgeous!
    In the summer she will be very light and cool!

  2. Iloved the looks!

  3. This is a trend I love!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  4. Definatelly i like that trend! ;)

  5. Molto carini. Buona continuazione di giornata :)

  6. Nice memories - this was a fashion we wore back in the sixties, such fun! Valerie

  7. I do like this style a lot :-D


  8. Lovely
    I like this trend

  9. Ah yes the baby doll dresses from the grunge era. They are back but with a fashionable twist for the modern day!

    Allie of

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  12. Yeees! I love babydoll dresses and I actually have one that I wore before but not anymore because I just don't look good in it these days.

  13. Oh I adore the baby doll trend.
    Thank you for this inspiring fashion post.

    take a look at my BLOG and my INSTAGRAM

  14. Wonderful photos and interesting post dear!
    Have a lovely day! Dilek 

  15. Lovely baby dolls!
    The pink one looks so beautiful!

  16. lovely dresses, with leggings are ok also for office!!!

  17. what beautiful clothes you show us, I loved it
    I loved your post, I did not know your blog, do you want to follow us? You already tell me. Cheers


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