Tuesday, 19 June 2018

e.Dressit dream...

Lately I'm always looking for dresses that I can wear in more ways, even for a simple exit with my husband! I immediately thought that the only place I could find it without problems was on the eDressit website. In fact I found this wedding guest dresses that fits very well.
Strapless Flat Neckline Printed Dress Summer Floral Dress
I was not wrong, look at this dress how beautiful it is! Is a long floral chiffon dress with a chic design. A summer dress not to be missed! The skirt is flowing, the belt is tight and has a pleated bodice without straps.
Rosy Brown Illusion Neckline Lace Prom Cocktail Dress
If you look for cocktail dresses then I find that this is really nice! It is suitable for all women with a feminine silhouette who adore lace, so romantic. It is elegant and flared and has a zip on the back but above all is accompanied by a detachable slip, which makes the skirt voluminous. There is also in other colors.
Tailor Made Grey Men Suits Business Suit - Tailor Made Men Suits Check Suit 
eDressit also takes care of men and these two men's suits are very suitable for ceremonies. I like the details as much as the four buttons per sleeve. I want to end this post by thanking eDressit for choosing me as their Brand Promoter because it was a truly unique experience!


  1. Molto belli, complimenti per la scelta.

  2. Ma che abiti meravigliosi, il primo soprattutto!

  3. Bellissimi abiti, buon pomeriggio baci

  4. Świetny post <3 bardzo mi się podoba :* oraz super blog :) obserwuję i zostaję tu na dłużej :D zapraszam http://mysterious-natalia.blogspot.com/

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