Sunday, 19 March 2017

Spring makeup 2017

Hello my beautiful friends, 
beautiful even without make-up! :)
This morning I was looking for inspiration on the internet for a make-up that would highlight especially my eyes and I discovered the new styles for spring 2017! There is neither for all types of skin, eye colour and features. I really liked these because some are also easy to achieve for people like me who has little dexterity :)
The first is so feminine and delicate with tones of orange and pink to finish with a blush of gold. This trick is best for women swarthy. The second is for a girl always in movement in fact was lying with the hands mixing the gel eyeliner with foundation for realize a creamy green eyeshadow with the finish touch that was adding a black mascara and clear lip gloss!
Green eyes then also lend themselves to these gentle nuances but also aggressive as the second make-up where was used only two colours black and red! Anyway I also like the style of the first monochrome make-up where was used a wine-stained colour for eyes and lips!
These last style is called to sweep and paint because uses a precise technique with the bright and beautiful colours of the rainbow. Is a watercolour delicate pastels eyeshadow smudged around the brow bone to create an alluring display. The last make-up is made dipping the brush in loose red powder then whisk it over the cream blush for blends into a flesh tone that gives the effect of blush coming through the skin rather than sitting on top of it.   
So I have given you an idea of the new trends and believe me that with just a little patience you too will be able to replicate them! :))


  1. Lovely trends dear! Enjoy your weekend! xoxo
    Vesna - Home Chic Club

  2. Don't like the brows trend. And I am not really sure why women follow trends this much.
    The makeup looks are pretty good!

    Kathy's delight / Instagram

  3. I love the new make up trends! Great Post :)
    Have a nice day!

  4. I love it!! I'm following you! Enjoy the day sweetie!

    Mary María Style

  5. Beautiful makeup styles. :)
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!
    Xoxo, Victoria

  6. Fantastic selection Hun xxx

  7. Belli tutti ma il secondo mi ha colpito di più;).
    Un bacione e buon inizio settimana:)).

  8. Belli il secondo ed il quarto. Il terzo invece lo trovo un po' inquietante :)

  9. I actually like all of these makeup trends :-)

  10. Your spring makeup is awesome. Looks so pretty!! I also love to use spring makeups specially my Liquid Matte Lipstick everyday. I can't imagine a single day without my makeups.


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