Friday, 3 February 2017

Jewels the art on... / Gioielli l'arte addosso...

My friends...
fashion is also made of jewels... and which woman does not like to wear a unique piece of art so beautiful as those that are part of the new collections in 2017 I want to show you... of course some are quirky but really special!

Some bracelets and necklaces are futuristic by laconic forms and are geometrically regular.
The bracelets like that at the center are an absolute classic and vintage beauty and ultimately are fashion the bracelets of natural stone series, my favorite! They have smooth surface and are made of solid materials...

These earrings are so original... but I do not know if I will wear them since they are so bulky but light and colorful!

So next spring/summer will be colorful and full of gems and accessories... real works of art to be worn with elegance! :)


  1. Interesting post :)
    My dear, I follow you on Instagram and GFC. I hope you will reciprocate :)

  2. Amazing selections!
    You have such beautiful blog :-)

  3. Wow che belli i primi tre pezzi!

  4. All the jewelry are great! Bt most of all I like the second blacelet! It is so nice♥

    Witty Sweety Style Blog
    Witty Sweety Instagram

  5. Ciao Grace,
    infondo moda e bellezza sono anche sinonimo di stravaganza ... glamour e spesso eccesso! per cui ... perché non dare spazio a dei bracciali e delle collane così belle ed uniche nel loro genere? ... complimenti per la recensione, mi trovo d'accordo con te! a presto! Stefania ^__^

  6. Lovely post dear! Have a great weekend! xx

  7. Originalissimi e particolari tutti i gioielli,i primi tre sono molto belli!!!Grazie mille per la segnalazione Grace:)).
    Un bacione:)).

  8. The earrings would be too big for me, but the other pieces are really lovely.
    Have a good weekend


  9. interesting selection of products) I love it!

  10. Particolari ma davvero belli, soprattutto i bracciali. Un abbraccio

  11. Molto originali e appariscenti gli orecchini rosa, grazie per la condivisione cara!

  12. nice post! would you like to follow each other on gfc? let me know on my blog :))
    xx Rahel -

  13. molto originali questi gioielli, impegnativi da indossare ma ce ne sono un paio che mi piacciono veramente molto

  14. wow, great post.. i follow you, i hope you will follow me back

    Maggie's Blog

  15. ciao cara, ora ti seguo anch'io ;)
    io faccio ceramica e tra le altre cose creo gioielli in ceramica raku ... quindi ho trovato il post molto interessante
    una buona serata


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