Saturday, 3 January 2015

Blue the thousand blue beads / Blue le mille bolle blue

My friends how is nice to return home from the christmas vacations for bask among thousands blue beads like those of HAND soaps!!
This in fact is my first collaboration of the year and then how to say no to a slogan as this ‘’Have a nice day’’..?? See how many things I’ve got..
The company HAND by Il Saponino di Luigi Zelano, based in Turin, north Italy, choosed the name from the acronym for ''Have A Nice Day'' and the idea of creating a fun quality product, combined with their interest for the organic plant-based cosmetics.
These high quality soaps have also such a great fragrances to leave perfumed and fresh skin!!
I have try the Shower Gel with Karite' butter... 
that is suitable for the most sensitive skin like mine.. It is so refreshing with the notes of myrtle, ideal for energizing the start of the day!! After the shower gel I completed the treat with the antistress properties of their Moisturiser.
And last but not least I filled all of my soap dishes around my house with the bar soaps to the lavender, fig, mint, pomegranate and orange flowers. An explosion of fragrances!! I invite all to visit their web page cause is indeed beautiful!!
Amici miei com'e' bello tornare a casa dalle vacanze natalizie e immergersi in mille bolle blue come quelle dei saponi HAND!!
Questa e' infatti la mia prima collaborazione dell'anno e come dire no ad uno slogan come questo ''buona giornata''..?? Guardate quante belle cose ho ricevuto..
L'azienda, HAND Il Saponino di Luigi Zelano che si trova a Torino, ha scelto il suo nome dall'acronimo ''Have A Nice Day'' e l'idea di creare prodotti divertenti e di alta qualita', combinati al loro interesse per la cosmetica a base di piante organiche.
Ho provato il Gel Doccia al burro di Karite' che e' molto indicato per le pelli sensibili come la mia.. e' cosi' rinfrescante con le sue note al mirto, ideale per energizzare l'inizio della giornata!!
Dopo il gel doccia ho completato il trattamento con la crema idratante con proprieta' antistress.
Ed infine ho riempito tutti i porta sapone in giro per casa con le saponette alla lavanda, al fico, menta, melagrano e arancia. Un'esplosione di fragranze!! Vi invito tutti a visitare la loro pagina web che è davvero bella!!


  1. Happy New Year!!
    Is very nice this new collaboration, I like the Moisturiser that I might search on the HAND page!

  2. Hi!! I definitely prefer handmade soaps over almost all commercial "soaps" ... It's a totally different experience and these looks great!!

  3. Very nice your new post! I love more the eco-friendly shower gel wash because it uses a lot less packaging and lasts a lot longer so very good HAND products!! Bye

  4. This post gives me some ideas for the next time I want something new, so thank you to have show me and have a great 2015!

  5. che prodotti interessanti, complimenti cara!!!!Baci Sabry

  6. I'm not a fan of most bar soaps, but I will try the HAND soaps, thanks for sharing!

  7. Oh yes I need me too a treat and with hand products will be amaz!!! I like the photo too!

  8. Hello and Happy 2015 with those nice new soap bars!!

  9. Happy new year dear!
    I thank you for the visit you made to my blog and I gladly reciprocate.
    have a nice day

  10. Ciao! Grazie di essere passata! Ti seguirò anch'io molto volentieri!

    un caro saluto


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