Thursday, 25 December 2014

A raimbow pasta show / Un arcobaleno di pasta

Christmas was out the doors and a rainbow exploded of on my table! Oh yes... it was a great surprise to receive a Marco Zanier products..!!

Marco Zanier is a firm founded in 1996 by the experience in quality food and the ability of the founder!

The Company in continuous growth, cover an area of 1100 mq distributed in two floors. They produce about 250 different items offering a complete line of high quality products able to satisfy all the different palates.
It was an explosion of colors opening the box!! In fact these are the specialties that I have received:

1 bag of 250gr of laminate fresh eggs Tagliatelle pasta
1 bag of 250gr of fresh eggs Paglierini pasta
1 bag of 250gr Frafalline Bianconeve pasta shape (2 colours)
1 bag of 250gr of Farfalline Italiane pasta shape (3 colours)
1 bag of 250gr Grappolo d'uva pasta shape (6 colours)
1 bag of 250gr Tagliolini pasta in black of cuttlefish
1 bag of 500gr Trombette shape (6 colours)
1 bag of 250gr Caserecci pasta (6 colours)
1 bag of 250gr infernal Spaghettata
1 bag of 500gr Polenta with porcini mushrooms
1 bag of 100gr Fruit Tea flavoured with strawberries and raspberries 

Marco Zanier farm, located in Carnia, an historical-geographic region in the northeastern Italian area of the region of Friuli, is jealousy bound to their traditions, also culinary ones, some of which go back to the beginning of time. Many different flavours, but always the same genuine taste!!
In their internet page you can also find some suggestions about how to cook their products of high quality and serve them as I did in a lot of differents colorated and tasty dishes..!!
In the next post in fact I will put one recipe of mine if you will follow me again..!!  Merry Christmas..!!
Natale e' oramai fuori le porte ed un arcobaleno di colori e' esploso sulla mia tavola! Oh sì... con mia grande sorpresa ho ricevuto molti prodotti dall'azienda Marco Zanier..!!
Marco Zanier e' un'azienda fondata nel 1996 dall'esperienza decennale nel settore alimentare di qualità, e dalle innate capacità imprenditoriali del suo fondatore.
L'azienda in continua crescita, si sviluppa in un'area di 1100 mq suddivisa in due piani. Producono circa 250 articoli diversi di alta qualita' capaci di soddisfare tutti i tipi di palati diversi.
E' stata un'esplosione di colori nell'aprire la loro scatola!
L'azienda Marco Zanier che si trova nella Carnia, nella regione del Friuli, è gelosa delle loro tradizioni, anche culinarie che riportano al passato. Nella loro pagina internet che vi invito a visitare, potete trovare anche dei suggerimenti circa come cucinare i loro prodotti di alta qualità e servirli come ho fatto io in tante portare colorate diverse tra di loro..!!
Nel prossimo post infatti metterò una mio ricetta per cui seguitemi ancora..!! Buon Natale..!!


  1. It's great this Zanier pasta's!!! so yummy!!
    I wait your receipe now!! :)

  2. I really enjoyed this post and is a great change from the usual pasta. Very nice colour pasta!! Thanks for sharing..

  3. Hello, this was really good and I like to discover new pasta style so full of colour and test.
    Best wishes!! :)

  4. Che meraviglia di colori e sicuramente sapori! Buone feste!!

  5. Hello dear,
    pasta Zanier talk alone!! No wonder that is so good..... !!!!

  6. Hey thanks for this review, is so nice discover new food!!
    Have a fantastic 2015!! I wait for the recipe next

  7. Hi I'm following you now and I find this collaboration of yours so great..!! Have a nice day, Susan.


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