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spicy cherry peperoncino review / peperoncino a ciliegia piccante la mia recensione

Hello followers,
As you know I enjoy the Italian food  and the stunning different local dishes. In fact the cuisine of Italy changes as you move from region to region with each area having unique recipes, specialties and culinary traditions! I try to never miss a ‘must-try’ dish and this time I want you to talk about the region of Calabria in southern Italy, forming the long and narrow ‘’toe’’ of the Italian peninsula. Calabria is also famous for the beautiful coasts beaches and for the Riace bronzes..

An excellent firm that well represents and sells Calabrian products is AziendaAgricola Tripaldi di Schimio Angelica located close Vibo Valentia and I was delited to have been selected as tester!

This is what they have send me:

1 bottle of Tripaldi extra virgin olive oil of 750ml
1 bag of Soldano handicraft making durum wheat linguine pasta of 500gr
1 bag of Soldano handicraft making durum wheat foglie d’ulivo pasta of 500gr
1 glass jar of pâté of black olives
1 glass jar of  aubergine à la julienne under oil
1 glass jar of cherries red pepperoncini under oil
1 box of soft biscuits made with  honey and almonds

If you visit the Azienda Agricola Tripaldi – Tipici Mediterranei web page you will find a great range of different products and if you will follow me, in the next post I will add a recipes of  mine using these delicious products!
Cari/e followers,
come sapete a me piace molto la cucina italiana e i suoi piatti tipici che variano di regione in regione in base alle tradizioni del posto. Insomma non potevo fare a meno di provare i prodotti tipici della Calabria per cui quando l'Azienda Agricola Tripaldi di Schimio Angelica locata vicino Vibo Valentia mi ha scelta come tester ne sono stata felice!

Questo e' quello che mi hanno mandato:
1 bottiglia Tripaldi di olio extravergine di oliva da 750ml
1 busta di linguine Soldano a lavorazione artigianale da 500gr
 busta di foglie d'ulivo Soldano a lavorazione artigianale da 500gr
1 barattolo di pâté di olive nere
1 barattolo di melanzane à la julienne sott'olio
1 barattolo di pepperoncini rossi a ciliegiasott'olio

1 scatola di biscotti marzallette fatte con miele e mandorle

Se visiterete la pagina web di Azienda Agricola Tripaldi - Tipici Mediterranei troverete una vasta gamma di prodotti e se mi seguirete nel prossimo post mettero' una delle mie ricette, utilizzando questi eccellenti prodotti appena ricevuti!


  1. This looks and sounds fabulous!!! Yummy Italian test from Calabria

  2. love love love...Calabria's food is fantastic...very good...happy sunday dear

  3. Prodotti squisiti! Amo il patè d'olive!
    The pink bow

  4. ciao <3 quante cose buone e che abbondanza!!!!!


  5. Wow so lovely. I want to try them

  6. Wonderful selection of products and tastes from Calabria!

  7. Now there is something I need to try so let me have a look to their web page!

  8. Another great review! I love your comment about these food.

  9. Non conoscevo questi prodotti devono essere davvero ottimi e gustosi, guarderò il sito grazie mille

  10. Wow they are so good, I'd like to try them!!

  11. I would like to see the result...The ingredients look so delicious :P

  12. I am looking forward to read your food reviews cause I like to discover the Italian food. Thank you for the sharing!

  13. All those food pictures made me hungry and at the same time curious to link there!!

  14. I'm from Calabria and I agree with you! it's the best kind of food!

  15. Those spicy cherry peperoncino are to die for (or from if I keep consuming at this rate!). Great post!

  16. Buoni questi prodotti, li proverò!

  17. Mmmm *.* bontà :-) amo l'Italia per la sua meravigliosa cucina *.*

  18. Great! I really want to try these products!

  19. Wow this looks scrumptious. I want try this :)

  20. Che bontà! Adoro tutto quello che è piccante :)

  21. It looks delicious. My Mouth is watering!!

  22. I really appreciate spicy food! I'd like to try these products!

  23. Great products, I want to try them


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