Tuesday, 6 May 2014

is all about passion.. my new food review / la mia nuova recensione sul cibo

Hello friends,
for this new review, I want to talk of Gusto Per Amore
Which name could be more suitable than Gusto per Amore to be guest in That’s amore blog!
And is not only about the origin of the products but also the love and the passion that the owners of this company show about typical products of the Abruzzo region in Italy.
Gusto per Amore is a family-owned business and is located in Loreto Aprutino, close to Pescara, a place where thanks to the position between the Adriatic sea from one side and the Appennini mountains with the Gran Sasso on the other side, is the natural environment where from the Medioevo the ulivetis are cultivated. The European Community has attributed in 1996 Aprutino-Pescarese to the oil the denomination of protected origin (D.O.P.) and Gusto per Amore is a leader in the production of it.
The e-commerce company produce also pasta and wine.
The wholemeal pasta of the line Secoli D’Amore in particular, is made to high digestibility and is rich in protein and minerals.
About the wine of this region, produced by a local winery, Gusto per Amore introduced the Montepulciano of Abruzzo and the Trebbiano who respect the tradition for the territory.
This is what I received:

1 bottle of Aternum Trebbiano white wine
1 bottle of extra virgin olive oil
1 bag of Saragolla durum wheat spaghetti
1 bag of Saragolla durum wheat eliche
1 bag of Spelt grains spaghetti
1 bag of Spelt grains penne

Gusto per Amore s.r.l.
Contrada San Domenico, 6
65014 Loreto Aprutino (PE) - Italia
Telephone: +39 345 4153093
Fax: 39 0859960097
for more information:

 If you follow me on the next post I will share with you my own recipe!
Care amiche,
Per questa mia nuova collaborazione vi voglio parlare di Gusto Per Amore 
Quale nome poteva essere piu’ indicato ad esser ospitato nel mio blog That’s Amore!
Il titolo di questo post la dice lunga sulla passione che hanno i proprietari di questa azienda di e-commerce nel presentarvi i prodotti tipici dell’Abruzzo di loro produzione.
Gusto per Amore infatti si trova a Loreto Aprutino, vicino Pescara, un posto dove grazie alla posizione tra mare Adriatico da un lato e Appennini, col Gran Sasso dall’altro, e’ un sito naturale dove fin dal Medioevo sono coltivati gli uliveti.
La Comunita’ Europea infatti, nel 1996, ha attribuito all’olio dell’area Aprutino-Pescarese la denominazione di origine protetta (D.O.P.).
L’azienda produce anche pasta integrale di grano di Saragolla e farro e vino.
I vini tipici di quest’area sono il Montepulciano d’Abruzzo ed il Trebbiano.

Se mi seguirete nel prossimo post mettero’ una mia ricetta 


  1. Yummy it seems to be really interesting and tasty!(:

  2. Love this! I'm on a diet and would try the pasta.

  3. I love the wine Trebbiano

  4. Thanks for sharing, I am mad for the Italian food!

  5. I love wine and integral pasta, it's very good

  6. I'm totally a sucker for white wine, I would love to try the Trebbiano!

  7. wow nice, i'm very interesting!!:) kisses

  8. wonderful! Amazing place and article

  9. Il vino Trebbiano è molto buono!

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  11. I love this. Wine is very good.
    Daniela - The Fashion Kaos

  12. hello, great post :D i love this products :D so perfect :D

    Elizabeth Bailey BLOG

  13. This Gusto per Amore co. is stunning! I will have a look to their web page.

  14. Thank you for your amazing presentation!

    1. I was delighted to try your professional and passionate care about food and wine and have enjoy to share my fantastic experience with my followers! Thanks again :)

  15. what a wonderful products! I hope you'll enjoy your bottle in good company!

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